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Lennox® National Accounts Integrated Solutions delivers a world-class combination of equipment and service, in a structured format that offers a lower cost of ownership and higher long-term reliability. A range of business-friendly HVAC solutions are available, including full protection, preventive maintenance, planned replacement, installation and recycling, all backed by Lennox’ substantial commitment to our National Accounts customers.

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Innovative products from the innovation leader.


Saving Energy with Intelligence

Energence® ultra-high-efficiency units are packaged with an unparalleled combination of technologies.

Ultra Efficient – achieves efficiency ratings of up to 22 IEER and 15 EER—the highest on the market today.*

Ultra Light – up to 47% lighter in weight than leading competitors’ units, even with a substantial array of customizable features.*

Ultra Quiet – operates at outdoor sound levels as low as 81 dBA, making the unit the quietest in its class.*

Ultra Intelligent – engineered with the newly enhanced Prodigy® Control System, which has more than 250 adjustable parameters to meet almost and design specification.

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*Efficiency based on AHRI directory, January 12, 2016.


Connecting Technology with Expertise

Lennox® VRF is a flexible, versatile solution that is ideal for a wide range of structures and industries.

Inverter Technology – adjusts compressor speed based on heating and cooling demand for reduced energy use.

Improved Heat Transfer – with hydrophilic fins and rifled copper tubing.

Advanced Defrost Cycle – a shorter defrost cycle preserves warmth and comfort in cooler weather. Heat recovery systems are capable of providing continuous heating during the defrost cycle.

DC Fan Motors – provide greater efficiency and energy savings over standard AC motors.

Simplified Wiring Scheme – daisy-chained, low-voltage control wiring simplifies installation and reduces time and labor costs.

Innovative Fan – blade design engineered for lower noise levels.

Simple To Service – with a hinged electrical control box and front-mounted compressor for easy access.

Wide Range of Indoor Units – Lennox® VRF works with many different floor plans and structural designs.

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When it comes to reliable and efficient performance, Landmark® rooftop units have always been a standout for light commercial applications. Now we’ve built more flexibility into the line, making Landmark an excellent choice for virtually any application.

Simple to Service – engineered for installation flexibility, energy-efficient performance and easy serviceability.

Available Tonnage – 2- to 25-ton gas/electric and electric/electric units; 2- to 20-ton heat pump units.

Energy Savings – standard- and high-efficiency units available with optional MSAV® supply fan technology with variable frequency drive that delivers fan power savings of up to 61%.

Extensive Customization – more than 100 field-selectable options to ensure fast and easy installation.

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Lennox delivers value and convenience with the Raider® rooftop unit line, without compromising on quality. It’s built in Lennox’ award-winning factory and thoroughly tested for reliable performance.

Available Tonnage - 3- to 12.5-ton gas/electric, electric/electric and heat pump models available.

Quality Check – over 200 quality checkpoints per unit.

Ease of Installation – compatible with popular curb size, eliminating need for adaptor curb.

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Lennox' MSAV® (multi-stage air volume) supply fan technology delivers year-round savings and comfort with improved fan and operational efficiency for a variety of operating modes. With an advanced variable frequency drive, performance is significantly enhanced:

Up to 75% supply fan power savings* reduces energy consumption.

Part load IEER efficiency improvements up to 27%**, depending on model.

Up to 29% better moisture removal** improves indoor comfort.

Achieves or exceeds the single zone VAV supply fan requirements for ASHRAE 90.1-2010 and
California Title 24.

Utility rebate eligibility.

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*At 55% airflow when compared to full load.   **At 67% airflow when compared to full load.


Lennox experts solve problems and preserve your business climate.

Full Protection HVAC Offering

This program locks in your HVAC service expenses at an agreed-upon rate, eliminating any potential cost escalations and substantially reducing paperwork. And since it covers repair and replacement of everything inside an HVAC unit, it also helps keep equipment performing optimally and lowers operational costs.

Preventive Maintenance

Performed up to four times per year, our 33-point maintenance check covers all major system components and provides a comprehensive rating for your equipment. This allows you to make repairs before major expenses occur, extending the life of your equipment and helping control costs.

Equipment Operation Check and Guided Setup

After each unit has been installed, we’ll perform a comprehensive 64-point check to ensure it’s working properly and take it through the basic and advanced guided setup processes. Any defective components will be repaired and a report for each unit will be provided to the installing contractor, general contractor and owner.


Lennox’ carefully designed commissioning process helps ensure your system is running efficiently and reliably from the start. Our technicians will verify and document key functions, including:

  • Correct equipment and options are installed and meet construction details
  • Lennox startup procedures are performed and sequences of operations are correct
  • Devices, including remote sensors, are correctly calibrated
  • System alarms are active, operation is correct and equipment safeties are functioning properly

Planned Replacement Program

At some point, it becomes more cost-effective to stop repairing older equipment and instead invest in new equipment that delivers higher efficiencies along with potential rebates and tax credits. Our team can help you proactively replace old and ageing equipment on your terms rather than waiting for an emergency situation.

Equipment Recycling

After installing your new unit, we’ll also haul away the old equipment safely and securely, decommission and recycle the used materials and provide the landfill avoidance reporting to meet your sustainability goals. Considering Lennox National Account customers replace, on average, 215 rooftop units per year, you could save up to 74.7 metric tons of CO2 annually just by using our recycling program.


If you're a business owner, we have your back.

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

National Account Sales Administrators (NASAs)
Think of our National Account Sales Administrators as an extension of your construction or facilities department.

Count on your NASA to provide:

  • Review of all site-specific drawings for accuracy and compliance
  • Resolution of any discrepancies with the mechanical engineer and construction or architectural project manager
  • Preparation of quotes nationally, plus equipment and accessories ordering as per the national account specification
  • Coordination of equipment delivery exactly when you need it on site

Service Account Managers (SAMs)
When it comes to day-to-day customer support, Lennox Service Account Managers routinely go above and beyond for our national account customers. Whether it’s scheduling, problem solving or approvals, these HVAC professionals are committed to delivering fast, reliable solutions and the very best Lennox experience possible.

Nationwide Coverage

Nationwide Coverage

Across the country, top retailers and restaurants trust the experience and expertise of Lennox service teams:

  • Factory-trained, self-performing technicians
  • Dedicated exclusively to national account customers
  • Nationwide geographic coverage
  • Fast, reliable HVAC service
NATE Certified Technicians

NATE – Certified Technicians

Many Lennox technicians have earned the prestigious NATE (North American Technical Excellence) certification, demonstrating the most rigorous product knowledge and HVAC systems training.

Dedicated Team

Direct-to-Customer Distribution

Count on approximately 400 factor-trained technicians across the country dedicated to national accounts customers.

  • Currently serviced by Lennox National Accounts
  • Limited service coverage
  • Areas currently serviced by Service Alliance Partners